Wednesday, January 16, 2013

documenting our life #ProjectLife style...week 2...

I was almost late with this week. Yeah, only two weeks into the year. :/ But I think I'm entering another flare, and it was not a matter of "babying" myself, it was a matter of only being able to do so much with this much pain. But, ahhh, this brings up one of the pluses of documenting life the Project Life way--it allows you to choose the amount of effort you want/can put into it any said week (if you even choose to do it week-by-week, and goodness knows there's no reason you have to).

So, yeah, not a lot of extra effort this week. Mostly just stuck in pics. But hey, isn't that better than nothing?

The opening spread (and yes, there's an extra insert again this bad at weeding stuff out):

Last week, I'd made a text box for the weekly date card, as well as for the "what we did this week" card. I saved on the computer so now I don't have to re-figure sizing and whatnot every week, but can just type in the new week's info.

The opening page:

Yep, like I said, a picture-heavy week.

Side one of insert:

And the spread with the insert flipped:

I love how adding inserts never really distracts from the overall look.

Side two of insert:
I'll probably have inserts of homeschool happenings quite often as it's such a big part of our life.

One thing I'd like to do this year include one of our favorite family recipes every few weeks. (Yes, despite the fact that I suck at food photos.) Anyway, the little "a family favorite recipe" card slides out, and contains the recipe inside.

My layouts lack the "WOW" that many Project Lifers pages have, I know that. But you know that Teddy Roosevelt quote--"Comparison is the thief of joy"--I think that's very true for me. So I'm not going to compare...I'm going to be blissfully happy that I'm saving these moments and memories in whatever form they take.


Jean said...

Yes, Debi, revel in the knowledge you are documenting life for your kids. I never did anything like this for mine. Just today, I mentioned to Don that he had been to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle (he'll be visiting Steve there next week), and he didn't remember it at first. After we talked about the monorail and other attractions around it, he did remember. Your kids will have your wonderful scrapbooks to help keep the memories fresh. You can have the Mother of the Year award I'll never get. :-) I hope the fibro flare-up subsides and that the coming week is less painful. Hugs!

Kailana said...

Yeah, I wish mine would arrive! I am getting behind... And impatient... I hope everything works out okay! I have been taking pictures, writing notes, etc, but I don't want it to be overwhelming when it does arrive...

Anyway, I love your pages! I also like the flexibility... I am sure I will have to buy inserts. I take a lot of pictures! I also can't look around too much or I will feel uninspired. People are so talented!

Eva said...

1) That sucks you're heading into a flare up. :( Glad you're being more gentle w yourself though!

2) I *love* this project & I think just photos are enough! When actually you're adding all kinds of other neat things!

Trish said...

Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins. NOM!!! And ice skating!! Sadly what I'm realizing with PL is how boring my life is at this moment. Are your layouts 12x12?

But really--I love the picture heavy. Isn't that what project life is all about?

Really. I am going to start this weekend. I am. I am. I am. Please feel free to nag (ahem encourage) me on twitter...

Debi said...

God, you made me choke on my tea there! Yeah, so won't be me chalking up any mother-of-the-year awards. Unfortunately, that's something I can be sure of.

Dammit, I'm frustrated for you!!!! Not to mention that I want to see your pages!

Thank you, sweetie!
And you know, Eva, you should really do Project Life too! You take so many beautiful photos!!!

LOL--about the boring life thing...I swear I always feel that way until I just start putting things together, and then I start thinking, "You know, maybe we are boring, but I'm pretty in love with this life we've got." Bet you'll feel the same...and realize that your life really isn't so boring after all. :D And yeah, the biggest pages are 12x12, but there's also some smaller ones. I actually sort of love to mix up the sizes, despite the fact that it seems to go against my normal anal retentiveness. :P