Sunday, January 6, 2013

tidbits and babblings...

*I'm somewhat mystified by the fact that the first week of 2013 is nearly gone. Seriously, where the hell did it go? I've certainly accomplished very little thus far. This is usually a time of great reorganization for me...but it's just not happening at breakneck speed this year. But you know what's really freakin' awesome??? I don't really care! Yep, just sort of going with the flow here. I know, I know--who the bloody hell took over my brain?!!

*Winter is much more satisfying this year (at least thus far) than it was last. Haven't seen the ground in a couple weeks now, just the way winter ought to be. But we have had some major meltage going on today, and it looks like there is more to come in the next few days. *sigh*

*Though I suppose I shouldn't be so eager for our typical consistent winter snowfall. For it seems Gray has developed a severe sensitivity to the cold. I have never known anyone as sensitive as this child. Sensitive emotionally. And sensitive physically. His skin reacts to seemingly everything. Which now includes the cold...the poor kid has taken to breaking out in body-wide hives whenever he goes outside to play in the snow. And nothing seems to stop the itching for him. His legs particularly are a bloody, scabbed mess. :( And he has pink eye to boot.

*Miss Annie got a new haircut. And I honestly can't tell if it's a case of Mommy-Bias, but I think it looks fabulous on her! No frickin' way I ever could have pulled off hair that short, but it looks to me like she was made for it. :)

Okay, since it's honestly past my bedtime, I suppose I ought to just shut up now. Good night!


Eva said...

Annie went for it! Awesome! She looks great. :D Did you show her my pixie cut?

So sad about Gray. :((( He's the one who can't stand wool too, right? Have you tried silk long johns?

And finally your intro paragraph made me so happy for you! Yay for going with the flow! :D

Jean said...

Check out I know someone who has this, and it seems similar to what Gray is experiencing.

I love Annie's hair. I had mine that short once but disliked being mistaken for a make all the time.

Off to work out in the dark cold. Be glad you are sane!

DesLily said...

wow! love the snow and love Annie's haircut! Talk about wash and wear huh?! lol Now she can't say "no" because I have to wash and dry my hair! lol

oh wow.. Gray is as bad as my cat with allergies! It makes me sad when doctors can't fix something like this. :o(

Debi said...

I did! When she told me she was going for it, I went and pulled up your twitter account so I could find the pic to show her. I think seeing you helped solidify her decision! :D

My brother actually has Raynaud's disease. But what's going on with Gray is different--he's breaking out in massive hives, especially on his back, legs, and arms. Luckily, they disappear within a day, but in that time, he's miserable with itching. Anyway, while not common, it's apparently not extremely rare either, for a person to have this kind of sensitivity to the cold. His doctor gave him a new medicine for the itch, but thus far it doesn't seem to helping much.

I didn't know Boo had allergies. :( Baker does, too, and about the only thing that helps him is high doses of steroids, which of course, aren't good for him to be on all the time. Sheesh--sounds like there's itching going on everywhere!

Jason Gignac said...

*chokes up* Ms Annie looks so grown-up. I feel like I'm getting old. Can you do that over the internet? Is that allowed?

I don't get hives, but especially as a ki,d I did get painfully itchy when it was cold out, I can sympathize. It wasn't a problem on my back, usually, but my legs, especially between them were horrible. Part of it was just that the skin on my legs would get more sensitive (maybe because it was dry?) in the cold, and then so many winter fabrics are so rough - have you tried a little baby powder? I know, unsolicited advice from an ignoramus, I promise it is less that I assume you woun't have tried it, and more that I just really wish poor Greybird could enjoy the snow without feeling like he has a case of firelegs.

Eva said...

Yay for pixie cut love! :) Also, since I know this is Annie's first pixie cut, I'll pass along a tip: product can be a lifesaver. I actually use product more frequently when my hair's in a pixie than any other length! Right now I'm just using a bit of mousse in my bangs so that they'll stay pushed over but I can also use more mousse or pomade to get a different, more textured look which is fun.

I love the wispies that the stylist put in along the sides: so cute! And the short cut brings out all of Annie's bone structure too!

Chris Howard said...

Poor graybird :( Hope he gets better soon. I can't get over that gorgeous scenery that y'all have!!! Always just takes my breath away. And I also still can't get over how adorable Annie's hair is :D I love it so much!!

Trish said...

I ADORE it!!! I used to have short hair like this--I'll tweet you a picture I took recently of a picture I found...

And the lipstick. Love it!