Friday, January 4, 2013

projects progress...2013 update 1...

Yeah, I know these posts must be excruciatingly boring for anyone else to read, but I find they're a good way to keep me from slipping behind in tracking my progress. The good news is that I made a loose schedule for myself for posting, and as "projects progress" is set for Fridays, you'll know what day to skip reading.

*The Unofficial-for-Me Reading Challenges:

I finished my first book of the year--The Wave by Todd Strasser (school reading). It fills in holes for...
the Mount TBR Reading Challenge (1/60),
the Genre Variety Reading Challenge--I'm counting it as "based on real events" genre, which probably isn't a "real" genre but I wasn't really sure how else to categorize it (1/18),
the Quick Fix Reading Challenge--as it comes in at only 138 pages (1/20+),
and the 2013 YA Reading Challenge (1/20)

I've also been reading Nick Hornby's More Baths Less Talking, which I started on New Year's Eve. Being as it's a collection of his essays from the Believer, any I've read since the New Year began count for...
the 2013 Essay Challenge
--"Stuff I've Been Reading-November/December 2010" by Nick Hornby
--"Stuff I've Been Reading-January 2011" by Nick Hornby
--"Stuff I've Been Reading-February 2011" by Nick Hornby
--"Stuff I've Been Reading-March/April 2011" by Nick Hornby


#37. Read 50 books I never heard of before buying/borrowing from library. (5/50)
The Wave also counts for this. I picked it up one time off one of those tables B&N has set up for the local school's assigned reading. I'd never heard of it before, but I thought it sounding intriguing and that Gray and I might enjoy it.

Sadly, that is all my progress from these first few days of the new year. I did, however, notice that I've got at least 6 or 7 items going from my happiness project, so hopefully I'll complete at least a few of them before too terribly long. I also noticed that I really need to get in there and revamp my home projects list and my crafty-ish projects lists.


Susan said...

Oooh, read 50 books you have never heard of! i like the sound of that. And the 60 books from your own Mount TBR...awesome. I think I'm going to set a read 50 mysteries goal for myself this year (unofficial challenge for me).

I have Nick Hornby's More Baths Less Talking too, which I hope to get to shortly, though I'm afraid I will want to get plenty of what he discusses, and I'm still trying to get through the want list created by his previous books! lol he makes me so proud that I love books the way I do, because he does too. How are you enjoying the essays?

softdrink said...

I love progress makes me think about things I could do. That I never follow through with, of course, but it's still fun to dream, right? ;-)

DesLily said...

you always amaze me! I wish we were neighbors!...but then I'd get nothing done!... oh...wait..I get nothing done now!.. so I wish we were neighbors! :o)

Chris Howard said...

I actually LOVE your posts like this and really look forward to them :) Can't wait to see which 7 things you have going right now!!

Eva said...

Hornby has a new essay collection out?! ZOMG, yay!!!

And your 50 unheard of books sounds like fun: I love browsing randomly at the library. Also, I know I owe you an e-mail. Sorry! Trying to balance my typing time but e-mail seems to be the loser so far.