Tuesday, January 22, 2013

tidbits and babblings...

*Today starts the spring semester for Rich and Annie. (Though Annie's homeschool and college class schedules don't align perfectly, so at home we're still in the first half of the year for another week-ish.) Ms. Annie has five college courses this semester, but overall I think it will actually be an easier semester for her than last when she only had three. She's looking forward to her creative writing class (duh!), her psych class, and her art class. She's neutral at this point on her statistics class. And she's not exactly looking forward to her economics class. She's still taking Aikido three times a week for her phys ed, and we're still working through our post-1945 U.S. history at home. (Personally, I will miss that class when we finish.) Anyway, the point I meant to make here was that I already miss having her around all day after being spoiled for the last few weeks. *sigh* It scares me to think it might not be all that long until she's not even living here anymore. Though maybe she'll go to school somewhere close enough where she can still live at home??? I can hope, right? She just registered for the SATs...so yeah, it's hitting home just how fast time is flying by.

*This stack of comics--all Lu's fault!!!
See, I was all content to "read from my own shelves!" for graphic novels month in February. That is actually part of this whole theme motivation, the fact that it will finally see me knocking down the old TBR mountains. But then Lu went and talked about all these great comics she'd requested at the library...and well, monkey-see-monkey-do, I had to head straight to the library to pick up a big old pile of my own. Me = hopeless. :P

*The bus stop this morning--brrr...definitely feeling that 13 below wind chill. But I shant complain, as there's plenty with 13+ below as their before wind chill temps this week.

*I did almost okay at getting caught up on blogs for a few days there early last week. But once again I'm ridiculously far behind. There really is no such thing as staying caught up, is there?

Well, I suppose I should go pretend to myself that my brain is working and try to be productive here...

Have a lovely Tuesday!!! And a lovely rest of the week as well!!!


DesLily said...

ah 1945 history eh? I am reading Eleanor Roosevelt but I am still in the 1920's lol..have watched a lot on the history channel and military channel of cable lately mostly surrounding Hitler and WWII. I don't know why this sudden "can't get enough" about it but I'm sure it will wear off sooner or later lol..hmm 1945..war is over..Roosevelt is most likely dead...and I am but 1 year old! now I am at the other end of the spectrum and about ready for the diapers once again!.. joy! joy! joy! lol lol

Trish said...

I always preferred pre-1945 history for some reason so find definite holes in my post-1945 knowledge. Glad you guys are enjoying it!

And -13??? I know it's cruel for me to mention but it was in the high 60s on Saturday and just gorgeous so Elle and I took a walk to the park. 13 plus or minus makes my body hurt just thinking about it!!

Jean said...

It's supposed to be 12F here tomorrow (not sure what the wind chill will be) for the 6:00 a.m. outdoor workout. I expect to be joined by 30 or 40 of my closest workout buddies, though, so I won't be the only crazy person out there.

Thinking of history since 1945 makes me feel old since so much of that actually happened in my lifetime.

Eva said...

Econ can be wonderful, as long as you have a professor who breaks out of the neoliberal paradigm. Feminist economics! Environmental economics! Marxism! So I hope Annie gets a good prof. :)

That stack of comic books looks like such fun! And I'm jealous of cold weather! Ours had been unusually chilly but now it's warming up again. Maybe if Annie moves out for college, I can move in. :p

Ali said...

We have one more semester until Ben will start at the community college. I will definitely miss having him around as much (though he's often out and about with friends), so I totally get how you feel. As for moving out? Gah! That's all I have to say.

Jean said...

Annie really wants to go to the University of Virginia, right? You know she'd have a good physics prof if she went there. She'd also have a place to which to escape should dorm life get to be too much.

Debi said...

You crack me up! How the Eleanor biography? I really enjoyed it when Annie and spent some time learning about her a few years ago!

LOL--not cruel! Perhaps surprisingly, it doesn't even make me envious...I'm one of those winter-loving people, and I absolutely hate it when it gets warm in the winter. For me, mid- to upper 20s is perfect for winter.

Now as much as I love winter, the idea of working out outside in 12 degree temps does not sound like my idea of a good time! I do hope you survived it! In fact, I hope you loved it (and I suspect you did, at least in some ways)!!! :)

LOL--I think "Gah!" sums it up just perfectly!!!

Hmmm...I'm not sure if she's considered UVA, but I shall definitely tell her what you said. :) Oh, and I did tell her, you were her go-to woman if she has any problems with Stats...hope you don't mind. ;)

Debi said...

I really do hope she gets a good econ professor! It honestly does scare me to think of her coming out of that class with a warped view. But then, I know she's a smart young lady who won't take everything anyone says as gospel without thinking about it.
And I hope you know, whether Annie moved out or not, we'd make a room for you (though yeah, hers is the best in the house)...but somehow I don't see your Mom taking kindly to that. ;)

Eva said...

I'm sure she won't come out warped, just bored if they're straight neoliberal. ;) And if you're really concerned, have her read The Invisible Heart, which is an excellent feminist econ book aimed at a general audience.

Poor Mom. She knows I'd happily live with her forever if only we lived somewhere with four real seasons. But she can't stand the cold and I can't stand the heat, so we're meteorologically doomed. So she knows that if I'm ever able to be independent, I'll moving to a different climate. We'll just have to visit each other a lot!