Wednesday, February 6, 2013

documenting our life #ProjectLife style...week 5...

I really did not want to keep my "Project Life date" with myself last night--I just wanted to curl up with my heating pads and read graphic novels. But I forced myself to get started, and once I did I was having so much fun that I followed through and finished up the week. Yay me. (Seriously, I am so terrified of letting myself get behind, as getting behind has been my downfall every other time I've tried Project Life.)

The opening spread:
As you can tell (or maybe you can't from the photo), there's an extra insert again this week.

Left side:
I love the picture of Gray because it captures a big piece of his personality. Rich and Max went to do a practice trail run; Gray went along...but with drawing supplies. I think he might perish if he ever had to go a day without drawing.
The three pictures of the squirrel at the bottom are probably overkill, but that little fellow just amused the heck out of me that day. :)

Side one of insert:
One thing I planned to do this year was keep track of all the books we each finished and all the shows we each watched during a week. I want to do this 4 or 5 times spread throughout the year. So at the beginning of the week, I asked everyone to just keep me a list. I love this insert, but it seems sort of misleading, as neither Annie nor I usually get that many books read during a week. But I guess that will become apparent when there's more of these inserts spread throughout the year.

Spread with insert turned:

Side two of the insert:
I really wanted to use a picture from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, but I figured since it was my graphic novels on the other side, I should be a little more representative. :p

And the final page:
Yep, we actually had something going on this week--Annie had her first test in Aikido, and she earned her orange belt! Gotta admit it was pretty fun watching Ms. Annie flipping and throwing these big men around. :p

So yay! Five weeks down, forty-seven to go.


Jean said...

Hearty congrats all around ... to you for starting and finishing the spread, to Annie for her orange belt (it really is fun to throw big guys around), to Rich and Max for their trail run, and to Gray for his devotion to his art. Sounds like a week worth remembering. I hope the coming one is just as memorable but only in a good way.

DesLily said...

if you fall behind one day or not.. you record memories ..that alone is miraculous! oh.. and love the photo of Rich and the cat lol..

Ali said...

You did it! Good for you! (And personally, I love the 3 squirrel pictures. If it made you happy, it's worth documenting, I say.)