Saturday, June 1, 2013

and it's Saturday again...

So it's again time for Saturday Farmers' Market. (Though the farmers market we go to is on Sundays, and it's finally opening so hopefully we'll be headed there tomorrow.) And I feel a bit lame even participating in this, as we're always on the tail end of things. Some of you are harvesting goodies already, and other have these big lush plants growing away. And we, just last weekend, finally got the final things planted. (Oh, okay, not final--we still have to plant a few green beans and some pumpkins. Oh, and my herbs.) And waiting until last weekend to put the tomatoes and peppers in the ground almost wasn't good enough, as we had a hard freeze warning Sunday night---luckily, our baby plants fared okay. And just a few days later it was in the 90s--good thing plants are so hardy, huh?

There has been much prep and expansion going on in our little garden world this spring. That far rectangular section--that was the garden we put in last year. All the rest, we've added this year. We've probably tripled the amount of space. Thanks to a lot of hard work from my Dad, Rich, and the kiddos. Gray pretty much tilled the soil and got the strawberry patches (the square sections closest) ready himself. But yeah, not a lot to see yet.

We will have a few bites of fruit to eat soon. These are strawberries we planted in a planter last season. We may end up with a couple dozen berries, but as for this year, I'll still have to buy a bunch at the farmers market for preserving.

We planted four blueberry bushes this year, but again, it will probably be a few years before they produce enough to keep us from having to go pick a bunch to make it through the winter. I didn't think to take a picture of the blackberry bushes we planted last year, but they are coming back beautifully this year. Hopefully we'll get a few more berries this year than we did last year.

As far as the things planted in the main garden, I'm not really sure how much of it is doing. We're trying quite a few things for the first time, and I just don't know if they're looking as they should or not. :P  Like this cabbage:

The leaves look pretty to me, but I have no idea how it should be looking at this stage. Should it be bigger by now? *shrugs*

Oooh, and the celery. Another new one for us. Looks good to me, but again, what the hell do I know?!! Of course, if it does do well and we end up with as much as I planted, I'm probably going to have to learn to like eating it. *shudders*

(And yes, I totally need to weed again.)

And hooray for those early bursts of deliciousness! Won't be too long until we're eating radishes. (Yep, they need to be thinned--badly.)
Like I said, it just doesn't seem like much now...but hopefully we've got lots to look forward to this summer in our little garden. :)

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8 comments: said...

LOL, your gardening and my gardening have a lot in common.

Is it supposed to look like that?
I don't care, it's green and pretty, etc.

Love that you have just one nice large patch cut out to grow. Mine is sort of catch as catch can because of labor ups and downs, sun locations, and my basic OCD aesthetic needs:)

Eva said...

WOW. That beds are so much bigger than when I was there!

Andi said...

Your pics are beautiful, and I'm totally lusting after your garden beds! I didn't do nearly what I'd intended this year, but I'm living vicariously through Saturday Farmers Market posts!

Snowball said...

Beautiful garden! Even the bare dirt looks lovely. I'm a believer that the love and laughter of those who prepare and grow the food become a part of it.

And half the fun of gardening is wondering, "What will happen if I do this?"

Heather said...

*happy sigh*

It all looks so lovely!!!

Debi said...

LOL--yep, sounds like are gardening has a lot in common! :) Despite the fact that we've gardened for the past 20 years (with a few years off when we lived in places where we couldn't), we're diehard amateurs. We just sort of do it and hope for the best, and things usually work out just fine. :)

Aren't they though? And did you notice the lack of cut down tree filling the yard? :P

I sort of live vicariously through them too, as everyone else seems to be eating the fruits of their labor months before us. At least it feels that way. :P

Awww, I love that thought!!! :D

Ha! Aren't you sweet for saying so. But next to yours, our garden looks so pathetic at this point! Be patient, Debi, be patient. :P

Chris Howard said...

OMG Debi, it looks AMAZING!!!! It's so big this year!!! I'm so in love with it :D I wish I was there to see it so bad. I can't wait to see when everything starts getting big :) You're going to love it this year, I just know it. And yeah..part of the fun of growing things for the first time is the wonder of how it all turns out :p

Ali said...

Your garden is further along than my garden which has....rosemary. Lots of rosemary.