Sunday, June 2, 2013

this past week...

In bloom. And fixin' to. 
Still schooling. 
Almost ready for eating. Past ready for napping. 
Many glasses of ice water. And a couple mugs of tea with scones.
Being pretty. And being productive.
Off to the SATs. And then off to the prom.
New eyewear.

Not pictured:
Rich starts first summer session.
Annie gets her final grades--A's in all 5 classes.
Max goes to the 5th Grade Bash.
Annie gets a $150 check--prizes from the writing contest.
Max goes to the drive-in and has sleepover with Tristan.
Baker gets a kennel cough shot.
Laughter and tears. 


DesLily said...

omg! your Iris's are gorgeous!!
and.. I WANT THAT SCONE! lol..

ohhhh... gads you should have an ankle monitor on Annie! She just keeps getting more gorgeous every time you take photo's!!!! oh and congrats on all A's!! super!.. and winning money too!! that's a fantastic start to summer!!!!..

Eva said...

Love these pics! I recognise Annie's SAT-taking shirt. :D And her prom outfit was rocking!!!

Debi said...

Thank you! And LOL--the ankle monitor! I'm going to tell her you said that. :P

Aww, thank you. This post (which if I can stick with it, I'd like to do every week) is very much inspired by your pics. And ahem--why have you not been posting them lately???? So not kidding when I say how much I miss them!
And yes, I believe you would recognize that shirt as you were so instrumental in Annie owning it. :) She's literally worn it, oh 8 or so times already. :P And yeah, wasn't her prom outfit adorable--I could not believe she decided to wear pants to the prom. The girl who literally wears pants 3 or 4 times a year. :)

Megan said...

Love your photos! Wish I could make my life look as pretty as yours. LOL! =D

Vasilly said...

I love your pictures! Your daughter is so pretty. Your first picture has me aching for a bigger gardening spot.

Chris Howard said...

Ugh...I love this post SO MUCH!! Everything about it :D It's so very you and your family :) It had me smiling from ear to ear!! Give Annie a big hug for me!! And I promise I shall email you back tomorrow if I don't get to it tonight! (tomorrow meaning Monday as it's late Sunday night right now :p)

Ali said...

Love this post style, what a great idea! So fun to see what you've been up to.

I'm so behind that I haven't read any other posts from the past week or so, so you may (or may not) be getting random comments from me in a day or two.

Jean said...

Great photography of what looks like great times. Life is good.