Monday, July 8, 2013

good stuff...

(This edition has been written over the last few days.)

*This face:

*The sweet breeze wafting through the window this morning.

*It was in the wee hours of the morning and I still hadn't been able to fall asleep due to pain, and I was feeling frustrated, and yes, maybe a bit angry...but then I opened my eyes and the view out the window was so beautiful...what seemed like hundreds (though it probably wasn't nearly that many) of fireflies flashing throughout the trees and bushes. There's always fireflies out there in the summer, but I don't think I've seen them in such profusion since I was a kid. Glorious.

*A spontaneous trip to the antique mall with Rich, my favorite person to hang out with. Added bonus to the sheer fun of it--I managed to find a few small treasures that shall be Christmas presents for my Mom.

*Yellow bursts of sunshine popping up completely unexpectedly in the flower garden:

*Satisfaction in completing a project. Especially when it's for someone else. In this case, Craft Hope's latest project. The embellished flip flops that shall be mailed off today:

*Watching the first two episodes of Under the Dome last night with the whole gang. And being so excited about it that when I came upstairs I immediately went and pulled the book of the shelves to start reading it. ('Cause goodness knows I need to have yet another book going...silly me.)

*Anticipating this coming long weekend that has been set aside for pure pleasure. I'm a big fan of anticipation. :D

*The first couple ripe blueberries from our new bushes:

*Starting Ali Edward's Hello Story class today. Oh my gosh...already so inspired. Have filled an entire page filled with stories I want to tell using the first week's story structure.

And how about you--what's the good stuff of your life today?


Jean said...

Good stuff today? The first capieke I've made for someone not of this family looks as if it will turn out fine. It still needs frosting, and that will cover some of the imperfections in the top of the cake. It's a peach pie inside a white cake and will be topped with cream cheese icing. I got the layers of a quilt pinned together yesterday; of course, now I have to find or make time to quilt it. I'm shadowing Don and Steve on a GORUCK Challenge overnight on Friday--a chance to practice some nighttime photography if I can stay awake and active. Speaking of photography, I loved your shots in this post. :-)

Ali said...

Hooray for all of the goodness! I miss fireflies! (We don't have them out here). I hate that you're in pain and having trouble falling asleep, though.

My good stuff: Evan is playing guitar again and he's SO into it, it makes my heart sing. Reading 2 books that I like at the same time. Finally wrote a blog post. A wonderful bike ride with Evan and Chris through Portland yesterday. A menu plan done for the week.

Eva said...

Loved this post!

Did I tell you I saw fireflies the week after I got back from Rochester?!?! In the park, at the end of the Troll Bridge on my way back to the car. I couldn't believe it! I haven't seen them before down here & haven't seen them since.

My happy thing is that I made up a corn soup recipe & it turned out very tasty! hehe Whole corn is 6 for $1 here right now so couldn't resist although it's not my very favourite veggie.

Chris Howard said...

Oooh I loved this post so much Debs :D First when I saw Baker, I pictured him howling and that made me smile :D I'm sorry to hear you've been in so much pain lately, but I am glad that you got to see all of those fireflies :) Do you know that I've never seen a firefly in my life! I imagine it will be magical the first time I do :) Those flowers are GORGEOUS! Is that a sunflower?? And those flip flops!! I love them :D So neat! I started watching Under the Dome too! I watched the first episode last night and have episodes two and three saved on my DVR :) About to watch those after blog surfing right now, which I'm doing through The Old Reader...I like it! And yes, I'm looking forward to this weekend too :D

Trish said...

SO MANY GOOD THINGS!!! I smiled at the fireflies. I'm not a believer but I do think that sometimes the world just works harmoniously when we most need it to. And love those flipflops! And the blueberries!! My mom and I split a box of frozen blueberries every year and I can't wait to get my hands on it (Elle LOVES eating frozen blueberries more than fresh) but the fresh ones have been pretty impressive so far this year. I'm sure even more so when they come from your own harvest.

And I also smiled at your saying that Rich is your favorite person to hang with. I feel this way about Scott.

Trish said...

OMG. And Under the Dome. I really enjoyed the book but haven't started watching the show yet. There are several changes so beware...but apparently King has approved them and so I'll go into it with an open mind. I hope you like the book!!

DesLily said...

wow, such a nice post! I couldn't list so many good things in one day and I am glad at least some happened when you were not feeling well and so maybe helped not think of the pain. I wish something would penetrate my brain like that when I am in pain! I love your photo's! all of them! you are so amazing..I wish you knew that.

Susan said...

I second Pat, you are amazing when you have to live with chronic pain, and still find beauty and joy in every day. I wish we could all send you health, because you'd be pain free forever if we could! Never mind that your family wishes it for you too. Hugs, and really - that is courage, Debi.

things that are good: new books in my life! my family is home safe and sound from their holiday in England. I had three weeks all alone, blessed silence in the evenings. I loved it. And now my home is filled with happy noise again that they are home. Beautiful sunsets, and my garden is flourishing this year. Awesome nectarines too this year.

Snowball said...

Beautiful photos! I miss fireflies. As a child I believed that they were fairies. Now I wish they were.

You are an inspiration, I hope you realize. Cheerful, loving & caring, and incredibly industrious, all while dealing with chronic pain. :)

I'm also watching Under the Dome and have read the book. Although I don't mind the changes, I find that I can't just relax and watch without wondering, how they are going to handle this thing or that thing.

I opened my first jar of pickles and they were just as tasty as I remembered. And my (70 lb) puppy wants nothing more than to sit on my lap in the evening.(admittedly, a mixed blessing)

Vasilly said...

I love reading about your good things. My good things: getting out of the house even though I've been in pain because of my back, this excellent cup of tea that's sitting in front of me, the yellow covers on my bed. They make me so happy. Last: the comfort of my bed.

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is a very, very sweet face! :) Dogs make the most interesting faces. I never get tired of seeing Charlie when he is tired, or my sister's dog when he seems like he is actually really listening to what you have to say to him.