Monday, July 29, 2013

this past week...





Reading and Writing.
And 'rithmetic (not pictured).

Picnicking with friends.



Walking in the woods.

Enjoying nature's beauty.

Not pictured:

Suffering. Oh poor Max. Got the worst sunburn I've ever seen while at Grandmother's.

Weeding. So much weeding.


Riding rollercoasters. Annie went to Darien Lake with her friend Dan.

Thrifting. Banner haul.

Rearranging Gray's room.

Hanging with one's best friend. Jimmy was over for a sleepover.

Watching. Latest episodes of Under the Dome and Project Runway. 

And rewatching. Episode 1 of the original Star Trek series.

Loving. Lots and lots of loving.


Andi said...

I just love your pics. Your family is just delightful. Such a full plate, and so much love. I can tell. ;)

DesLily said...

most outstanding photos!!!! you sound very happy and relaxed.. don't think I've heard that in your writing before! Don't know what you are doing but all of this sounds fantastic!!!!!!! I hope the rest of your summer goes as well!

Jean said...

Love the photos and single-word description. I started to try to predict what they were going to be. I hope you get a few more weeks as pleasant as this past one seems to have been.

Debi said...

What an incredibly sweet thing to say--thank you!

You know, I'm not sure I have felt this relaxed as general state of mind in many, many a year. I could definitely get used to it! :D

Thanks! Were you able to guess any?