Monday, August 5, 2013

this past week...


Reading. At the library. And at home.

Battling knotweed. One day we will win the war.

Playing. With our new camera.

Gazing lovingly. :)

 Walking. At Mendon Ponds. At Sherwood Fields.
At Abraham Lincoln Park.

Sleeping in.

Grading. Never a shortage of that.

Celebrating. 23 years of wedded bliss. And there honestly has been 
heaping loads of bliss. I am so. damn. lucky.

Hoping desperately. For pieces of dropped popcorn.

Fearing the giant zucchini.

Not pictured:

Chatting. Gray had an appointment with Dr. Bennett.

Cheering. Annie went to a Rhinos soccer game with Dan and Savannah.



Watching. Latest episodes of Under the Dome and Project Runway.
And watching/rewatching the first four episodes of Veronica Mars.



Dreaming. Of retirement. And traveling the Western hemisphere in a camper van.


Eva said...

What camera did you get?! Inquiring minds want to know. :D

Sounds like a wonderful week & happy (belated) anniversary!!! Your marriage & relationship is such an inspiration.

Jean said...

Why stop at the Western hemisphere? You might not want to take a camper van to Asia, but do go there. I have fingers crossed that we can do another month in Vietnam in 2014.

Heather said...

Um, Rich has a snake on his shoulder. *shiver*

Happy Belated Anniversary. I am so glad you two found each other!!

Vasilly said...

23 years of wedding bliss?! Happy anniversary!

Andi said...

I LOLed several times reading this (dog + popcorn, etc.). And I said "ACK" when I got to the snake, but the kitties and puppies helped even all of that out. ;)

Congrats on all the wedded bliss!

DesLily said...

another fantastic post! You have very beautiful and photogentic children/ husband/ and animals! I don't know what your new camera is but you are doing fantatic with it!!! (another craft idea for presents.. 12 photo's and make up calendars!)

oh and love seeing Rich "multitasking".. reading and petting the cat! lol..

x0x0 Happy Anniversary and may the future ones all be as happy as this one!