Monday, March 14, 2011


...I am feeling more refreshed than I have in a while, having gotten nearly 5 hours of sleep over the course of the night

...I am feeling ever so cheerful hearing bird beginning to chirp in the mornings again

...I am feeling sad that Gray is under the weather (nothing major), but feeling delighted to have him home with Annie and I for the day

...I am feeling a wee bit anxious about taking Annie (and Gray, of course) to the dentist...just because I so very much hate driving

...I am feeling both excited and tinge apprehensive about starting a new book for school today, We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

...I am feeling out of touch with my dear friends, but am feeling hopeful that this will finally be the week when I can catch up a bit

...I am feeling a bit mixed in emotions about waking up to a new blanket of white...only being March, I know the snow isn't over (and usually I don't mind), but it was rather nice seeing the grass for a few days there

...I am feeling motivated about my new "Projects" page and feeling eager to start knocking things off the many lists

...I am feeling content looking ahead to an evening of reading with the boys and hopefully finishing a gift I'm working on for Annie's birthday (Rich and Annie have classes Monday evenings)

...I am feeling incredibly grateful that my family and home are safe, and so very helpless and so very heartbroken for all those who cannot say the same


Jean said...

Don't forget the slice of pi(e) that should be consumed at 1:59 today! Yeah, it's Pi Day!

Kailana said...

I am glad you are starting to feel a bit more cheerful! We were supposed to get snow, but nothing really happened...

Jason Gignac said...

Good luck at the dentist! I haven't read 'We' but Amanda did a few years ago, and it's stuck with her - likes it more than when she read it, I believe. Glad you and young miss and mister can spend the day, though! I'm taking my boys out on Wednesday to give Manda a day off for Spring BReak, and very much looking forward to it :).

DesLily said...

oh m'gosh! I didn't know you hate to drive.. me toooo!!!! lol lol

good to hear that you finally got some sleep..I hope it continues tonite!
awww, hugs to Gray..hope he feels better fast.

as long as the snow isn't deep it's good :o) send the DoDo bird out with a shovel lol

kreed said...

Sure wish we lived closer to each other - I could be your chauffeur!

We had some snow last night, too. Ugh. As much as I don't usually mind winter, I am really ready for spring this year.

Carl V. said...

Yay, We! I really enjoyed reading that a couple of years ago. It got to me in a big way. Quite the powerful little book. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Hope Gray is feeling back to his normal non-sick self very, very soon!

We had snow last night ourselves. I'm so ready for spring!

Debi said...

Sadly, I have to admit that Pi Day had totally slipped my mind till I got up that morning and looked at the calendar. And unfortunately, it was just one of those days that left no time for last minute pie baking. :(

Thanks! And I'm guessing you weren't all that upset about not getting more snow, were you? ;)

So far, I'm really enjoying We. (Though truth be told, I'm not all that far in yet.)
I hope you and the boys have a super fantastic day!!! What are you all planning on doing?

Yep, I positively despise driving! I'm such a wimp, I tell you.

Better yet, maybe you could just knock the wimpyness out of me so I could stop taking days off my life through stress every time I have to drive! ;)

You know how I said I was both excited and a little afraid to read We. Well, the excited is totally based on your review--I've wanted to read it ever since then! (The afraid part comes from the fact that he's a Russian author--and well, I tend to think I'm not smart enough for them.) But so far, I really am enjoy it!

Carl V. said...

I can say with complete faith that there isn't anything "smart" about this novel that you won't get. Especially given the fact that over the decades since it was written you've read and seen other stories that touch on this same subject matter. We was probably really ahead of its time when it was written and still packs a powerful punch, but it is less "new" to today's audience with our exposure to science fiction films that have addressed similar topics.