Thursday, September 22, 2011

good stuff...

While it may be premature to say that I've vanquished the self-pity for good, I can say that I'm feeling much better mentally today. And there are just so many things I have to be thankful know, the good stuff.

*After I hit the publish button yesterday, I sort of regretted it. Who wants to let others see them wallowing in self-pity, right? I mean, I was wallowing, but did I really want my friends to see it. Thing is, no one told me to snap out of it. Instead I got supportive comments and emails...and yeah, ended up feeling loved even in a bad moment. Which just added further proof to what I already knew--I have THE BEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY EVER.

*This post. Ummmm...just wow.

*We're leaving to go camping after school today! :D Why? Not that one needs a reason, of course. But in this case it's because my "baby" is turning 9 this weekend! 9-years-old? Seriously? Yeah, time has yet to slow down. Guessing it's never going to. But anyway. Camping was Maxidoodle's request for his birthday weekend, so camping it is. Not just any camping though--it has to be at the place Rich has taken the munchkins the past couple years over spring break. So we're headed for Delaware. Unfortunately, their weather forecast is calling for nothing but rain the entire time...but we'll see how it goes. I've packed a humungous bag of books and some crocheting and some cross-stitching (which I have done in years) and only a very little bit of school work. I plan on using this time to refresh. Yeah, sounds soooooooo good.

*Pinterest. So I resisted joining for a few months, and was rather proud of myself for doing so. :P But then darling Heather started talking about how much she loved it and well, my resistance went right out the door! But I'm so very, very glad it did! I *love* this place!!! It's a happy place. It's so fun to go to your personal boards and see nothing but wonderful things that inspire you! And of course, it's fun to look at others boards and see what inspires them, too. :D

*Ana's done! I'm just this massive ball of happy for her!!! As in, every time I think about it my cheeks start hurting a little because it's hard to wipe the smile off my face! :D

*Despite how draining it is, and despite the fact that the head-start I made for myself in planning and prep is soon going to be gone, homeschooling really is still going pretty smoothly this year. Mornings are possibly the easiest they've ever been in getting everyone ready to go, because this year times are staggered. And because Max usually wants to buy his lunch...expensive, but wow, what a difference it is not have to pack lunches most days.

I know if I sat here longer, I could think of many more things to add to this list. In other words, I have plenty to smile about, and today I am feeling grateful. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


Jean said...

You're welcome, Debi. I hope camping is the mostest and that you return refreshed. There may even be something from down here waiting for you in the mailbox. Oh, yeah, wait until your baby is 21 and moving out. It comes all too soon!

Kailana said...

I am glad today is a bit better, Debi. Have fun this weekend!

DesLily said...

wow that's quite a drive!!! I hope the sun comes out at least part of the time!!! :o)

Eva said...

That post was SO moving. Thanks for linking it lady!

Nymeth said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better <3 I hope you're having a wonderful time camping!

kreed said...

Ahhhhh...Brave Girls Club. Will it seem corny if I say that Brave Girls is changing my life? Well, I am corny. Because it is changing my life.

I hope you had a great time camping (I guess I will know in about two minutes how it went since I read your blog posts in chronological order and am perennially behind in reading). Happy birthday, Max! I missed it (as usual), but I hope you all know you are loved.